-- Sarah Gosling, Radio BBC Introducing


-- Veronika Schreiegg, Radio Bayern 2

“Hinter dem Künstlernamen Anjù verbirgt sich eine weitgereiste Ulmerin. Anjù lebte in den USA, in England, vor allem aber in Italien. Dort, in Florenz, studierte die Musike­rin Jazz-Gesang bei Titta Nesti. Seit vier Jahren schreibt Anjù ihre eigenen Stücke – Lieder, die sich aus burleskem Variete-Gesang, Jazz-Improvisation und Tango­rhythmen speisen. In Italien produzierte sie nun auch ihr erstes Album, für dessen Einspielung sie zwar keine prominenten, dennoch aber hervorragende Jazzmusiker engagierte. “Just Get Lost” ist ein Debüt, das eine erstaunlich deutliche eigene Handschrift zeigt. Eine Künstlerin, die man im Auge behalten sollte.” (Veronika Schreiegg)

-- RADIO BAYERN 2, kulturWelt


“Anju has a deep earthy voice that marries well with the blues based jazz she sings. The music is bouncy and the lyrics are fresh, all composed and produced by Anju. Each of the dozen tracks has a cool feel with stories about love and Anju’s life experiences in several countries (England, Italy, Germany & USA). Among the best are “A Slow Night For Crime”, “When The Sun Comes Up I’m Gone” and “Moni”. The net effect is positive and worth trying.” (O´s Notes)

-- O´s Place Jazz Newsletter

It’s very easy to “Just Get Lost” in this album from Anjù

A Few years ago I heard a song on Soundcloud that I immediately adored. It was a jazzy little number played on acoustic guitar and the accompanying vocal just hit that sweet spot – you know, that spot where you just stop everything you doing and listen. Here was a woman destined to sing jazz and lounge songs.
Many Soundcloud songs later, most of which repeated that initial connection I felt between style and songstress, there is a full debut album. [ Ok, so strictly speaking it’s the second album as there was an acoustic album in 2012 called The Attic Sessions – four songs from which get the full band treatment on this new record] And a delightful record it is too. A collection of twelve self penned songs that take in both American and European jazz influences, and sprinkles on soupcon of latin, bossa nova, and cool blues to add additional colour.

There isn’t really a dud track on the whole record, and most of it is simply a delight. Whether it be the laid back and atmospheric piano driven English Afternoon or Like the Sea, or the foot tapping melodies of A Slow Night for Crime and When the Sun Comes up I’m Gone, or even the smokey Jazz club MMH MMH, MMH MMH, this is a great collection of self penned songs.

When I listen to the album I hear the influences of Kurt Weill, Sting, and New Orleans Jazz (and more). But it’s not all that you’d expect, What would I Give for example actually has a has a touch of the Terry Jack’s ‘Season’s in Sun’ melody about it, but in a good way.

The album was recorded at Jambona Lab in Cascina, Italy. Anju produced it herself and it was well engineered by Antonio Castiello. She’s brought together a great set of Tuscan musicians including: Silvia Bolognesi (double bass), Andrea Melani (drums), Piergiorgo Pirro (piano), and Tony Cattano (trombone) to help add colour and depth to her songs. They sound a great bunch of guys to play with…” (Scott Vine)