Anja (AKA Anjù) has a deep earthy voice that marries well with the blues-based songs she writes and performs. The music evokes a variety of moods, from bouncy to contemplative. Almost all the songs she performs are self-penned, with excellent melodies and often very emotive lyrics in English, Italian and German. Since her arrival in the UK in 2015 the German singer/songwriter has been performing throughout the South West as a solo artist and in a number of duos. She has just released her second studio album A Thousand Things And More which was recorded at Orchard Studios in Somerset.


As a child Anja would sit in her room back in East Germany a lot and secretly strum a few chords she knew on her little guitar that her brother had given her. She would make up her own melodies or learn songs from a song book she had taken home from school. In 1989 her life changed dramatically when her parents finally decided they wanted to live in Bavaria (West Germany) where Anja´s mother was born and where her part of the family lived. She fled the country at age 15 with her parents, ironically one week before the wall came down. Then her roaming years began. After finishing high school she went to America for a year, she sailed the Mediterranean sea for two summers, in between getting a university degree in American studies and art history. She then spent 11 years in Italy where she seriously turned to music, studying vocal improvisation with the renowned Tuscan Jazz vocalist Titta Nesti.